Discover Snorkeling in Sri Lanka

Snorkeling in Sri Lanka


Snorkeling is a fun and accessible way to explore the underwater world without the need for extensive training or complex equipment. Equipped with a mask, snorkel, and fins, snorkelers float on the water’s surface, enjoying the vibrant marine life and stunning coral formations below.

What to Expect in Hikkaduwa

Hikkaduwa, located on Sri Lanka’s southwest coast, is renowned for its clear waters and rich marine biodiversity. The best time to snorkel here is from October to May when the seas are calm, and visibility is at its best​.

  • Coral Gardens: Hikkaduwa Marine National Park is home to over 70 varieties of multi-colored corals, making it a snorkeler’s paradise. You can expect to see a vibrant underwater world filled with tropical fish and other marine life​​.

  • Marine Life: Snorkelers frequently encounter sea turtles, parrotfish, and moray eels. The shallow waters make it perfect for beginners and families​​.

  • Easy Access: The coral reefs are located just a few meters from the shoreline, making it easy to start your snorkeling adventure directly from the beach​.

What to Expect in Nilaveli Pigeon Island

Pigeon Island, located off the coast of Nilaveli, is one of Sri Lanka’s two marine national parks. It’s a top snorkeling destination known for its pristine coral gardens and diverse marine life.

  • Rich Biodiversity: The waters around Pigeon Island are teeming with blacktip reef sharks, sea turtles, and a variety of colorful fish. The coral reefs here are some of the best-preserved in Sri Lanka, offering a breathtaking underwater experience​​.

  • Ideal Snorkeling Conditions: The depth around the island varies from 2m to 11m, making it suitable for snorkelers of all levels. The best time to snorkel is from March to October when the sea conditions are optimal​.

  • Convenient Location: Pigeon Island is just 1 km from our dive center in Nilaveli, and boat trips to the island are quick and scenic. Please note that there is a government-imposed national park fee and a boat fee for trips to Pigeon Island​​.

For Who

Our snorkeling program is perfect for:

  • Families and Beginners: Snorkeling is a great activity for all ages, allowing families to explore the underwater world together without needing extensive training.

  • Vacationers: If you’re on holiday in Sri Lanka and want to add an unforgettable underwater adventure to your itinerary, snorkeling is an easy and accessible option.

  • Adventure Seekers: Those looking to experience the rich marine biodiversity and stunning coral reefs of Sri Lanka will find snorkeling to be a thrilling and rewarding activity.

Embark on a snorkeling adventure with us and discover the vibrant marine life and stunning coral formations that Sri Lanka has to offer. Book your snorkeling experience today and create lasting memories of your time in this tropical paradise. beneath the waves.




Our snorkeling program is perfect for families, beginners, and adventure seekers.


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