PADI Bubblemaker Course

Discover Scuba® Diving: Your Gateway to Underwater Adventure

Bubblemaker is an exciting opportunity for kids aged 8 and up to dive into underwater fun, blowing bubbles with scuba gear. Under PADI Pro supervision, they’ll explore shallow waters, take their first underwater breaths, and enjoy scuba equipment designed just for them. It’s the perfect way to celebrate birthdays or host a memorable event with friends and family at your local PADI dive shop.

Try Scuba Diving for Beginners

Discover Scuba® Diving: Your Gateway to Underwater Adventure

Curious about scuba diving but not ready to commit to certification? Discover Scuba® Diving is your perfect introduction! Dive for the first time in a safe, calm environment, guided by a highly-trained PADI® Professional. You’ll get top-notch scuba gear and learn basic skills, all while exploring the underwater world. This experience helps you decide if you want to pursue PADI certification, all while enjoying the thrill of taking your first breaths underwater. Join us and connect with the underwater world in an unforgettable way. Dive in and discover if scuba diving is your new passion!

Fun Dives in Sri Lanka for certified Divers

Explore Sri Lanka’s Underwater Wonders

Discover Sri Lanka’s underwater wonders! Explore diverse dive sites, magnificent coral reefs, stunning wrecks, and vibrant marine life. Join us for morning or afternoon dives and experience rock formations with swim-throughs. Make your holiday unforgettable under the water. Dive in and have fun!

PADI Open Water Diver Course

Learn & Master Scuba Diving to become a certified diving professional

We offer the following PADI® courses.

The PADI® Open Water Diver course is your first scuba certification. Expert instructors provide a relaxed, supportive learning environment. Gain skills to dive confidently worldwide and support ocean conservation. Learn gear assembly, buoyancy control, and marine life respect. Earn the world’s most recognised scuba certification and explore the underwater world.

The PADI Scuba Diver course is a quick alternative to the Open Water Diver course, ideal if you’re short on time. Perfect for those diving with a guide, it’s a step towards Open Water Diver certification. Qualify to dive under supervision, rent gear, and continue dive training. Suitable for ages 10+, with good swimming skills and health. No prior experience needed; try Discover Scuba® Diving first.

Course Structure:

  • Knowledge Development: Basic scuba principles (first three of five sections).
  • Confined Water Dives: Basic skills (first three of five dives).
  • Open Water Dives: Apply skills (first two of four dives).

The Advanced Open Water Diver course enhances your diving skills. Practice navigation and buoyancy, try deep diving, and choose three specialty dives. Each specialty dive counts towards PADI® specialty certifications. Options include Deep, Underwater Photography, Dive Against Debris, Dry Suit, Fish ID, Night, Buoyancy, Search & Recovery, Naturalist, Navigation, and Wreck Diver.

Take This Course If You Want to:

  • Gain more diving experience
  • Practice navigation
  • Sample different types of diving

Learn How to:

  • Explore below 18m/60ft
  • Improve your buoyancy
  • Use a compass

The Adventure Diver course is part of the PADI Advanced Open Water Diver program. Try digital underwater photography, fish identification, or dry suit diving. Complete three Adventure Dives to earn certification, build skills, and boost confidence. Adventure Dives can credit towards PADI Specialty Diver Courses. Open to PADI (Junior) Open Water Divers aged 10+.

Choose your interests: improve buoyancy with Peak Performance Buoyancy, or learn more about marine life with Fish Identification or Underwater Naturalist dives. Plan your path with your instructor and dive in quickly.

Learn to lead underwater tours, assist with scuba classes, and inspire ocean conservation. Enhance your skills and become an admired diver. The PADI Divemaster certification is the world’s most recognized, offering abundant career opportunities and the chance to get paid to dive.

Take This Course If You Want to:

  • Gain professional dive skills
  • Start a diving career
  • Share your ocean passion
  • Mentor divers

Learn How to:

  • Lead guided dives
  • Assist with classes
  • Conduct dive briefings
  • Provide refresher training

Join the elite in recreational diving as a PADI Master Scuba Diver. This prestigious rating, achieved by fewer than two percent of divers, signifies significant experience and training. Divers aged 12+ can aim for this by earning Open Water, Advanced Open Water, Rescue Diver, five specialty certifications, and logging 50 dives.

Join us to start your journey and continue your diving adventures.

Emergency First Response® training teaches critical skills for the moments between a life-threatening emergency and the arrival of medical services. Learn CPR, first aid, pain relief, injury assessment, and bandaging.

Take This Course If You Want to:

  • Learn CPR
  • Improve first aid skills
  • Be emergency-ready

Learn How to:

  • Respond to illnesses and injuries
  • Help a choking victim
  • Handle spinal injuries
  • Apply bandages and splints

The PADI® Rescue Diver course transforms your approach to diving for the better. Learn proactive problem-solving to prevent and manage issues confidently, all while enjoying the journey.

Discover why divers praise Rescue Diver as their favorite course.

Take This Course If You Want to:

  • Enhance dive buddy skills
  • Refine navigation techniques
  • Prepare for Divemaster training

Learn How to:

  • Assist fellow divers effectively
  • Address equipment glitches
  • Utilize emergency oxygen kits
PADI Specialty Courses

Get further qualified with our speciality courses

We offer the following PADI® speciality courses.

Mastering buoyancy defines skilled divers. Glide effortlessly, conserve air, and interact delicately with marine life. Enhance skills with the PADI® Peak Performance Buoyancy Specialty course, refining techniques from Open Water Diver level. Available for PADI® (Junior) Open Water Divers, age 10 and up.

Take This Course If You Want to:

  • Perfect buoyancy control
  • Reduce weight and air consumption

Learn How to:

  • Achieve neutral buoyancy
  • Hover effortlessly
  • Optimise weight distribution

Experience the mystery of night diving, where familiar sites transform under your dive light, and nocturnal life emerges. Discover the underwater world after dark with the PADI® Night Diver Specialty course. Open to PADI® (Junior) Open Water Divers aged 12 and up.

Take This Course If You Want to:

  • Explore dive sites in a new light
  • Try something thrilling and new
  • Make your first night dive with a pro

Learn How to:

  • Navigate underwater at night
  • Ascend and descend in the dark
  • Communicate using your dive light

In the PADI® Deep Diver course, you’ll learn to plan and execute deep dives, manage gas supply, and handle narcosis. Master buddy contact, safety protocols, and buoyancy control at depth.

Take This Course If You Want to:

  • Dive deep with an instructor
  • Explore more underwater
  • Reach depths of 40m/130ft

Learn How to:

  • Manage gas supply
  • Handle narcosis
  • Recognize personal limits

Wrecks, whether purpose-sunk or accidental, are captivating glimpses into history, often teeming with aquatic life. Each dive offers discovery and adventure. The PADI Wreck Diver Specialty course is popular for its exciting, responsible wreck diving practices.

Take This Course If You Want to:

  • Explore inside wrecks
  • See fascinating artifacts
  • Learn special finning techniques

Learn How to:

  • Survey wrecks
  • Use lines and reels
  • Avoid common problems

Open to PADI Adventure Divers aged 15 and up.

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